A complement to a traditional advertising campaign that creates photo and video content optimized to take your social feeds by storm.

What we do :: Let SWIG take your campaign viral. Whether it’s an Instagram feed, video diaries or a Viral PhotoStudio at a live activation, we can create content that will enhance, engage and draw viewers back to brand central. The SWIG Social media experience will get people talking…and tweeting…and Liking…and viewing…for weeks, extending your campaign’s life.

Why it rules :: Content is the new currency. It’s not enough to have just one photo or commercial shoot these days. Commercials are on YouTube well in advance of their airtime and everyone wants to know “How did they do that?”  You can engage your audience and take them behind the scenes to show them how the sausage is made.

Want some SWIG at your next event? Contact us to co-create a social media experience that’ll have your people talking (and Tweeting, and Like-ing, and Sharing) for weeks.