Instantly shared imagery, video testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage, and on-stage action

What we do :: We’re on the scene as the party unfurls — in the crowd, and behind-the-scenes. Lookbooks, group shots + candid, can’t-miss moments. SWIG interviews guests to bring forth brilliant soundbites + brand praise. We hang behind-the-scenes to film the pre- and post-party action. Capture rolling footage as the event flows into the night. Professionally lit, captured, edited + posted. The very same day. Yes, way.

Why it rules :: A high-gloss photo of Joe Jonas holding your product, on your branded Twitter feed — 6 minutes after he strides into the room? Yep. Say no more. Stills are slick, but video is seriously powerful. And we can turn-around short clips — fully-edited — that same day. Longer vids? One to two days, tops.

Want some SWIG at your next event? Contact us to co-create a social media experience that’ll have your people talking (and tweeting, and Like-ing, and sharing) for weeks.