Craft a visual conversation. (We’ll show you how it’s done.)

Social media is a crucial piece of your online presence (that’s a no-brainer.)
But creating viral media experiences that bring offline events into a digital space — that takes some artistry. And geekery. And vision.

Every event is unique, and we’ll co-create a SWIG service package for your audience, your venue, and your budget.

At SWIG, we’re all about speed, style and tight syncopation. Your story gets shared, as it’s being shaped.

Our formula for live social media magic melds ::


Our ultra-lean SWIG crew does a synchronized dance, so photos & videos go from camera to editing computer to your social media channels within minutes. Your followers feel like they’re participating, in real-time. Because they are.


You control what pumps onto your social media platforms, allowing you to pivot the visual conversation, your way.


We collect photo subjects’ names + Twitter handles as we’re capturing their stills, so they can scope out their VIPortraits the moment the images go live. The result? Re-tweets, galore.


SWIG provides a wealth of participation data, so you’ll be able to see the total number of tweets, Likes and views on your visuals. After all, metrics are meaningful.

Here’s what SWIG can do for you. (And why it rules.)

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